Different opinions about refrigerator.How can I talk to him????

July 5, 2010 4:59am CST
My housband bought a refrigerator when I was on business trip to other city. The one is with three door but I like side by side combination one.I have talked with him I like that one maybe he didn't remember.He should ask me befor he but it. Why not talk to me at first???? But I am afraid he would be hurt if I say I don't like it. He hope I would be happy to have a new one. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!How can I talk to him that I hate the one he boutht?
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@cream97 (29164)
• United States
31 Jul 10
Hi, cgirlpppppp. I think that he should have asked you first. I like for my husband to include me, for anything that he wants to buy for our apartment. I like to be included in his decision as well. Just bring how you would have liked the side by side combination better. But still, thank him for buying you a new refrigerator. I hope that he does not get offended at all. Part about being in a marriage is having the ability to be totally honest with each other.
• India
28 Jul 10
Just accept what your husband had bought.If you interfere than I hope he might be get hurt. May be that refrigerator might be your husband choice isn't? So you just try to keep your husband happy by sacrificing your own desire or wills
• Portugal
11 Jul 10
aww :( well he maybe wanted to make a surprise to you^^ thats why he didnt ask you^^ dont be so angry bcs of a refrigerator^^ his gesture was sweet buying it wishing you liked it^^ at least he cared. anyway if you want to ask him to switch it you can say that it was sweet of him to buy it but that you prefered other one ^^ and that you are sorry for not liking this one bcs you know he did his best. im sure that he will understand^^ as long as you talk sweet with him^^