What do you think about gagabux?

July 5, 2010 7:06am CST
I have recently joined gagabux. I have noticed some changes recently. changes like i can no longer transfer money from my main balance to my rental balance. anybody have experienced something like that?
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@rajeshout (207)
• India
5 Jul 10
most of the mylotters revealed that gagabux has turned into scam..
8 Jul 10
Thanks i'll check your website.
• Pakistan
8 Jul 10
its turned to scam, almost 150,000 members scammed gagabux admin earned alot actually hahhahha
@o0jopak0o (6405)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
well a lot of people are saying its a scam better to stay away from it.
@lexx87 (1710)
• Mexico
5 Jul 10
Booo i have 5 dollars and now it is a scam , it is a waste of time , im not sure if u have to buy a membership :s
@dian21 (606)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
I am also a member of gagabux. And it is really so sad to know the changes they made. I was trying to upgrade supposedly from my main balance, but it's gone already. And another thing is that they will no longer pay standard members, not unless they will upgraded through their payment methods like alertpay and paypal. That is really their strategy.
@nobbsy123 (852)
• Australia
5 Jul 10
I've waited over 2mths to receive my payment. I'm sure they are now a scam unfortunately.
@atv818 (1987)
• United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 10
Sigh! Sad to say Gagabux is no longer paying. Was lucky enough to receive 1 payment. If you still want to earn online for free, feel free to add me as a friend and PM me for details. Have other sites that are proven to be legit and paying. Hope to hear from you soon.