Which is your favorite searching engine?

@bodil4o (271)
July 5, 2010 10:33am CST
Hi all. Today I want to ask you which is your favorite searching engine and what are you searching most? If you hate one - tell us why too :) I personally use google. I like it because it is like the default one. It always helps me to find the things I'm looking for even if they are some kind of rare. I like google images too, because there are a lot of fun photos, so if you are bored you can always have some fun there. I hate BING thingy. I don't like that it is included in windows 7. It is like microsoft are trying to put that just because they are jelaous from google's success. Don't really know why is it there (in my browser for example) and what are microsoft trying to do, but I've changed it with google search. I hate it mostly because when I write a slower site in the address bar, it quickly pops up with the exactly same site suggestion and I have to click it again and sometimes it comes up with the same result again and again. It terrors me! So that's enough about me. Tell me which is your favorite and why. Maybe later we will count the votes :)
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