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July 6, 2010 1:04am CST
dear buddies... Im writing a novel based on love story.. Writing just for myself and perhaps, someday,..for people who interested in reading my story. It is in malay language. I am on my to complete the story. and i've thinking about a lots version of love story. the story was connected with certain tragedy or events makes it have continuity between the story although in fact, it was a different love story. so, here.. im finding dramatically, fantastic, suspense, sad, first love, hapilly ever after, happy ending love story version that you ever experience yourself or maybe just a love story of your friends or other family members or friends of your friends love story. if you have one, please put them here..thanks a lot.
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@MrDollars (454)
• Australia
11 Aug 10
I am so sorry I can not think of anything right now I just wanted to wish you all the luck for writing this novel. :) So good luck! $-MrDollars-$
• Portugal
11 Jul 10
i write love stories too^^ and also love poems^^ in my blog i was thinking about put it and share it with people^^ anyway your story seems interesting why dont you create a blog and share your story there? maybe a lot of people will like it and your story becomes famous^^ i knew about a korean girl that wrote love stories put it in a blog some people read it and now they make movies about her stories^^ why dont you try?^^ anyway i would like to read your story when you finish it if you didnt mind ^^ aww only problem is i dont speak malay i just know a few words that a friend of mine taught me :( so sad. i really like love stories^^ anyway you can share it in malaysia^^ wish you the best for your story and if you want say just more or less how the story is^^
• Malaysia
12 Jul 10
i was interested to make my own blog too...i've made it before..but just about weight, loss weight and everything about weight..:P..haha..and i've deactivated it when i get bored.. what your blog's website? i can visit and take a look for some time.. wow...i am very excited about that korean girl. maybe i should try as you pleased to give you to read it...but is it in malay..but don't worry about it..its just a simple malay..and i on my way to complete it.. you've created a lot of poem and love stories?
@ruzzel016 (241)
• Philippines
6 Jul 10
an advice if you want to make your story a good, please make it more uniques and intereting, and base it on your own experience if you have, and kindly use the english language because it is primary language.
• Malaysia
6 Jul 10
thanx for your advice.. i've written my story as the beginning and ending of the story... In between, i put the other love story version as the continuity of the story until it get its shows that there is so many different love story version in this world..the reason why i write the novel with that ways because i can't write a long-long-long the combination of the short story will be my novel.. just asking to get more ideas . The problems is, i've so, so, so many ideas but i can't sort it properly..maybe, hopefully, some ideas from you makes me more confident with my own ideas because i don't want the reader gt bored with my story.. thanks but, maybe someday in english because im not so good in that language. mine is malay language(prmary language)
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
3 Aug 10
This is a interesting topic..hope you get real one in life.
• United States
12 Jul 10
It seems that sad endings make love stories memorable. But I think a good, honest , real ending would be best. If the storyline seems like the end should be sad, then make it sad. if happy go for happy. A good love story is a good love story regardless of the tone of the ending.
@zed_k4 (17624)
• Singapore
6 Jul 10
How about writing a love story based on a couple whom end up marrying, initially not being in love with each other and then throughout the marriage journey, discover that they are in love after all. Or love that is forbidden because one comes from a super rich family and the other is from an average family. But this story is rather common, isn't it. Something like that.. just giving an idea or two, hehe. Good luck with that yeah..