It is better to take the most difficult or challging courses in college?

July 7, 2010 7:25am CST
Most student will choose some easy courses to get high grade,such as do some aerobics which is readily to get the score of the sports.However,if you would really like to become a success person,you'd better to learn some courses useful for your future. Taking some difficult or challenging courses maybe give so many chances to test human willpower.In contrast,the useful course for future is more important which is neither the easy course easy or the difficult one,but the relevant ones,such as for the professional and for your psychology health and some courses for developing the communicating with other person. Taking the useful courses means you should select some courses are suitable for you and your major.Firstly,if you should select the relevant courses.For example,my major is international trade,my relevant courses are international maketing,international trade and internation negotiation and so on. In addition,selecting the useful courses is not just only for the professional courses of the major,but also for the health of the psychology.when the students graduat from the university,it means they will face so much diverse stress from the society.If one does not have a good psychological quality,who can not bear the pressure.The high rate of suicide of the college student remind us the importance of the education of the psychology. Furthermore,the useful courses also including the courses to teach you how to communicate with other people.In china,so many student could only do some reading in the phase of high school,because of too many tests waiting for them,who are implicit,not outgoing,which is not beneficial for future living.Therefor,taking some courses of communicating could help them to build the ability to get well long with the classmates or future colleagues and leader.The importance of the relationship with other people we all know. That's why I think not taking the difficult courses is important,but the useful ones.
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@allamgirl (2140)
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
i think your course should depend on what you want to do with your life, with what profession you wanna do as your living. of course, when you're someone like me who doesn't really know what to do with your life then it's a lot harder. i remember when i was graduating high school, i didn't really know what i wanted to take up. i ended up picking what my friends picked. then i chose to be an accounting major because that's what my mom wanted. after just one semester, i knew that i made a mistake. i hated accounting. so i told my mom i'm shifting courses, i told her i want to take up psychology, but she wouldn't let me. she said it's gonna be hard to find a job if i take up psychology. she said if i'm shifting, it's better to stick with a business degree. being the pushover that i am, i ended up in marketing. now, i had a lot of fun in marketing. it wasn't too hard, but not as easy as say, if i major in dance or something like that. when i was in marketing, everything was so easy for me that i didn't really have to study that much. i never stayed up late making thesis or studying for an exam. well, sometimes i did, but that's because my friends would sleep over at my house, and we'd end up having a slumber party rather than study. looking back on my college days, i wish i could have exerted more effort on my studies. i know that if i did, i could have made the dean's list. i probably could have graduated with honors too. not that i'm boasting, or anything. i just know that i could, i had better grades than most of my graduating class and i didn't even exert any effort to study. so anyway, no matter what course a person decide to take, i think it still depends on him or her whether to take it seriously or just graduate for the heck of it. :)