Do you agree the renewagble sourses of energy will soon replace the gas?

July 7, 2010 7:47am CST
In recent time,the price of the gas has gradually growing up day by day,so many people choose to use other energy to replace the gas which become a little trend now.However,the weaknesses of the renewable of the energy is too much,such as ,not convenient,could hard store and sometimes high cost. Using the renewable energy means not convenient.Sometimes,if using the water heater of solar energy should waiting the sunshine day.If the weather is rainy, it could not collect enough energy for your use.For example,if the person has the habit for taking the bath everyday,it is so annoying thing. In addition,using the renewable energy means hard store.Especially for storing the enegy of the wind,it should condider the season,the location and the birds navigation which is so complex to store the energy.If leaving out one of the factor,the energy could not be stored successfully. Furthermore,using the renewable energy means high cost.For example,to build the power plant for energy production,the government should pay so much money to build it which is only one cost which in sight.other cost is the damage to the ecoloy,so many plants and animals should be submerged which break the balance of the ecology so hardly. That's why I disagree the point of renewable sources of energy will soon replace the fossil fuels because of so many shortcomings.
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@ladyhope (377)
• Canada
7 Jul 10
I think we have no choice but to move onto greener energy sources. Our oil dependency is destroying the world through pollution and waste. And, as we see with the BP catastrophe, it is putting our world in danger of big ecological disasters. The high cost should not matter one bit, given the price we are already paying now: damaged ecological systems, air pollution which can lead to cancer and other diseases, not to mention the high price people affected by the BP spill will be paying; think about lost jobs, destroyed fishing areas, etc... I want my future children to have a clean world to grow up in and this will only happen if the switch to renewable energy sources comes sooner rather than later!
• China
7 Jul 10
Yes, you have talkes is so impotant for considering. Thanks for your answer.
@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
21 Jul 10
I love your comment of switching to renewable energy sooner than later. So have you switched already?? I mean, you implied how much you want to leave a better world for your children that you should be well prepared to pay the extra cost I suppose?
• Malaysia
22 Jul 10
Yes, i agree renewable sources can replace gas and it is suitable to use renewable sources nowadays. Renewable energy sources are energy sources that are continually replenished. The include energy from water, wind, the sun, geothermal sources, and biomass sources such as energy crops. In contrast, fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas are non-renewable. Once a deposit of these fuels is depleted is cannot be replenished A replacement deposit must be found instead. Both renewable and non-renewable energy sources are used to generate electricity, power vehicles, and provide heating, cooling and light. As conclusion, i agree for replace gas using renewable resources.