Gainning happiness is more important than making money in job??

July 7, 2010 8:12am CST
In society nowadays,so many people is eager to make money in job.They believe that getting more monet, the more satisfied feeling they will get.However, Gaining happiness is more significant for just making money from the job.Gainning happiness means getting the motivation from job,putting all enthusiasm to the work and easily getting the success. Gaining happiness from job means getting the great motivation from you job.If working happily every day,the task could become so easy for finishing and getting the sense of achivement also so rapidly.For example,my friend has gotten a great amount of money ever year,however,she is not happy because she has hard relationship with her campanions because of striving for the benefit of the project,who feel so tired everyday,facing so many enemies every day which so boring life for her. In addition,gaining happiness from job means putting all enthusiasm in the work because of the love of the work. The job should be to one's interest.For example,I like to take with people everyday and have outgoing character,if the manager ask me to do some transplating work,I feel so boring and could not bear the life.However,he is so smart person who arrange me to communicate with other busyniess man with the daily affairs which could bring my advantage into play. Furthermore,gaining happiness from job means easily getting the success.If the job could bring you so much happiness,the life to the attitude would be more optimistic.When the company meet some difficulies,choosing the wisdom not the emotion to solve the problem will be possibly happen which will make you so outstanding and get the praises more which means more chances for behaving,the success is not far from you. That's why I thinkk Gaining happiness is more important.
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• Malaysia
22 Jul 10
Whoever said money can't buy happiness isn't spending it right. The new science of happiness starts with a simple insight: We're never satisfied. We always think if we just had a little big more money, we'd be happier, but when we get there, we're not. I believe that the key to happiness is satisfaction. If you're satisfied with what you earn and spend it happily, if not, then you're not.