what do you like most about your bestfriend

Saint Lucia
July 7, 2010 10:42am CST
hey guys. whats the one thing you like the most about your best friend
5 responses
9 Jul 10
The thing I like most about my bestfriend is that he is my partner. So no matter when we need each other, day or night, we are both on hand. I have been with him for 13 years this year, and still I tell him everything, we have no secrets.
@jerikjames (1041)
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
He pays for my food every time we go out! Haha. Just kidding. My bestfriend knows how to listen. He knows when and what to comment about my problems, appearance, everything! He knows when I'm grumpy, sad or happy. Although he's not affectionate since we're both guys, he knows how to comfort a friend. No I don't swing that way. Haha.
@malihat (216)
7 Jul 10
What I love about my best friend is that I can tell her anything in the world and she won't judge me for it.
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
hello there! the one thing that i admire most from my best friend is him being so UNDERSTANDING with me, especially in times that i do have my tantrums as i call it. happy mylotting =)
• United States
7 Jul 10
what i like most about my best friend is dat she real n honest with me. she straight forward and she never crosses her boundaries as far as our friendship. everytime i need her she there for me and if she's not it's a good reason