July 7, 2010 7:59pm CST
I'm really really addicted to Coldplay right now. I've been listening to their music since Highschool and even back then, I could already appreciate the meaning of their songs. Chris Martin's voice is cool and soothing to listen to. What do you think about Coldplay guys? Which one of their songs is you favorite? Mine would be the Scientist. =)
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• Sri Lanka
9 Jul 10
COLDPLAY! i would go with "Viva la Vida" since it has the music i like and it's unique in a way.. the meaning, everything in it; simply differs from just another song that's about love only
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@topetotz (163)
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
Coldplay is a talented band. They're music are smooth and awesome. The lyrics are meaningful and great. The scientist is my favorite too.
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@birdie816 (1276)
• United States
23 Dec 10
i love viva la vida. that's the song that first got me hooked on their music....way back in like 11th grade
@puccagirl (7294)
• Israel
8 Jul 10
I love them too! I think Violet Hill is my fave, and Chris's voice is amazing indeed!
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• United States
8 Jul 10
I'm getting into Coldplay as well but I can't say I know a lot about them and I certainly have not heard every song they have made. I love Viva La Vida and Violet Hills. I agree about Chris' voice, it's awesome!
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• Indonesia
28 Oct 10
i'm really interest to this band. i feel so deeply calm when i listen their song.,i've been like this band for 5 years, since i'm in senior high school, the first song i like is the scientist. quit unique clip and the best clip i think
• Hong Kong
20 Aug 10
I really like Viva La Vida. I just listened to it for more than five times today! It's really rare, to find a band which addresses social issues. Listen to Viva La Vida, and I think of: Julius Caesar Adolf Hitler George Bush
• India
18 Aug 10
Coldplay has turned on to be quiet a fascinating band.Chris Martin's voice really has some unique ring to it. The best feature that has really intrigued me is the lyric composition. Every song has its unique aspects, with it's unpredictable lyrics.If I had to chose my favorites songs would be Viva La Vida and Violet Hill.
• Malaysia
30 Aug 10
FIX YOU!! hey have you tried Thirteen Senses?? there are quite good too..