Do you agree that using land for human needs is important for endangered animals

July 8, 2010 1:26am CST
In recent society,earning more money maybe the most drive for every people starve for,using the land for the endanger animal maybe no economical benefit for the people .However, saving land for the endangered animal could bring us the whole ecological benefit now and future,could keep the balance of the chain of the species,could give us more good cimate. bring us the whole ecological benefit now and future.The species is too sigle in the world which will make the environment in danger.So much people should remember the disaster of SAS which bring so many people into the death because of lacking the diverse species to kill it. In addition,if keeping the number of endanger animal going up,we could enjoy the natural climate which is good for our health. Furthermore, saving the land for the endangered animal which is the land of their own, if we get too much natural source from the nature who will would do some retribution to us more,like the SAS disaster. Maybe,using land for human is not the fault,because of the human population explosion which cause need more land.However, the aninal have the same right as human who need survive too.
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@sjlskl (3382)
• Singapore
8 Jul 10
Yes it is true that animals have the same rights as human but unfortunately, humans think they are the one most important living thing in the world. In the search for their benefits, they will destroy almost everything. Can you imagine what the world will be with all other living things destroyed and human is the only one left standing?
@surfermac (465)
• India
8 Jul 10
ya now a days so much of construction is going on and the forest are being eradicated for this purpose many of the species living in the area are coming into the area at which once there were large trees to an area where there are large buildings if the man uses all the resources too much then there wouldnt be any place for the animals to live