Laptop Overheating

@pdiffy (17)
United States
July 9, 2010 3:55pm CST
I have a Toshiba laptop computer that is constantly overheating. Is there a way to fix this and is this normal? When I restart it or even try to turn it on when it is still hot it will not turn on.
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@Mhelo75 (28)
• Philippines
11 Jul 10
As the previous people who have commented, well said. To avoid overheating never block the exhaust fan of the laptop. And it is strongly suggested that you buy a laptop stand with a usb fan attached to ventilate the heat off. once in a while have your laptop cleaned of dust especially the one located in the exhaust of your laptop. as it accumulates dust it will block the airflow which will cause overheating of components inside your laptop.
• Spain
9 Jul 10
well im using a toshiba laptop right now and the best thing to do is use it on flat surfaces
• United States
9 Jul 10
This use to happen to my laptop a lot until I started stacking it on top of an old textbook. Stack it so that the vents aren't covered that way it'll air out more. Hope this helps.
@dogito (89)
• Bulgaria
9 Jul 10
And i have laptop Toshiba and my heat started. I put all dusty places, fan is below and you can not be smudged. I intend soon, and bear my authorized service center and have it cleaned. Good luck :)
@wazaaa (186)
• Bulgaria
9 Jul 10
If your computer was exposed to dust or you used it a lot. Your laptop is heating because it can't take a breath. You have to take it to peaces and clean it good. Also put a paste between the fan and the processor after the cleaning. If you can't do that go to a computer service and explain them what's the problem. But be aware that some services do not clean the whole laptop. So go to a service where the people are upright.