Sri Lanka
July 9, 2010 5:05pm CST
are we gonna have to pay to use facebook in the near future? i've heard a lot of people say that; and everybody is switching to myspace these days.. since facebook has a damning millions of people into it, ain't it possible for them to simply request us to pay?
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@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
9 Jul 10
This is a hoax that has been going the rounds for years. Facebook owners and officials repeatedly state that they are not EVER going to charge for Facebook but it doesn't seem to stop some idiots from promoting or suggesting the idea. This discussion really doesn't help. Once and for all ... IT'S A LIE!
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@HADDOWZ (1469)
12 Jul 10
Paying for to use Facebook is just a myth. It will never happen. I believe the rumour was started by a few unhappy users of Facebook and it has spirraled from there. We all know how much people like to gossip and talk about things they think the either know about or understand, but this rumour is just rubbish. I think it was started around the 1st. of April, you can understand then how.
@o0jopak0o (6394)
• Philippines
10 Jul 10
well this will not happen i think. They are earning millions now that its a bad business decision.
@jugsjugs (12967)
9 Jul 10
I do not think that facebook will ever charge people as they know that there will be alot less people on it.I think that there are alot of people out there that have started off a rumor that they are going to charge and now everyone is thinking that they are going to charge.
@aliki123 (122)
• Greece
10 Jul 10
Yes I have heard this rumor too ,a facebook friend of mine send me something like a chain mail too ,that said from august you have to pay or something can someone answer ,I will also switch to my space too.
@tammys85 (29961)
• Baltimore, Maryland
11 Jul 10
I highly doubt they would ever charge. If they ever do, then I'm out. I'm not paying to do something I can do on other sites. But I don't think they'd charge.
@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
9 Jul 10
nope, not this chicken. i sure wouldnt be paying for something like that. i like facebook as it is now. i connect with friends and family that i dont see all the time but i wouldnt pay a penny to use it.
@Bhemzky (423)
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
I dont think it will happen. Facebook earns revenues for the amount of people visiting the site. If they will ask for a fee, people will not be very happy about it and soon will delete their account that will lead to lesser visits to facebook. Meaning the revenues of facebook will be affected. So I dont think the rumor is true.
@Memnon (2170)
9 Jul 10
This is a new one to me. I don't use Facebook, so it is of no direct concern to me. I imagine a lot of people would not be too pleased to be told that they would have to pay for the use.
• Spain
9 Jul 10
if they do then they will lose millions of people and besides facebook is used like a info pad for the police and such