Noise When You Sleep

@pdiffy (17)
United States
July 9, 2010 11:54pm CST
Does anyone have to have noise to fall asleep? For me if I do not have a fan on when I go to sleep I cannot fall asleep. It's a mixture of the noise and the coolness that help me fall asleep. I know people that have to have the television on in order to fall asleep. I on the other hand cannot have the TV on when I sleep. What are your sleeping habits?
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13 Jul 10
I've come across people who really have their tv on just to be able to sleep. When you try to close the tv, they will wake up. Maybe, its their lullaby as a mother sings to her baby. I don't really have problems if there is noise around me when I sleep. Especially if I am really very tired. But of course I don't think anybody can sleep with sirens or anything as loud as that. I can bear with the tv, radio or even somebody talking when I sleep.
@sacmom (14250)
• United States
12 Jul 10
I need a fan to be able to sleep. My husband got me into this habit shortly after we met 18 years ago. I've been using one ever since. It's funny, I remember thinking he was odd for needing a fan to help him sleep and now I can't imagine sleeping without it. Go figure! Happy mylotting!
@sjlskl (3383)
• Singapore
11 Jul 10
While I can sleep in either environment, my choice would still be to have a quiet environment when I am sleep or is trying to fall asleep.
@dfhonline (130)
• Philippines
10 Jul 10
I was used to quiet environment when sleeping. But my husband cant sleep without the tv on. After months of being together, I manage to adjust to his sleeping environment. Now there are times that I cant go to sleep when its too quiet.
• India
10 Jul 10
nice one.actually i don't have any such pre-requisites for sleeping..i can sleep in a traffic jam, music systems on, or even someone snoring next to mei can't control my sleep..sometimes in class i want to sleep, but lecturer wakes me those cases i keep
@p3ks626 (6548)
• Philippines
10 Jul 10
I cant sleep if its noisy. Though I am already used to the sound of the fan when I sleep, I prefer quiet. I dont like it when there's music, I dont like it when I hear sounds like walking or banging and things like that. My sleep is very important for me so I make sure I get enough and that I dont get disturbed.
@sufyan6 (65)
• Pakistan
10 Jul 10
i can sleep in any atmosphere even there is noise or not but on my foam