rich psychic?

@kasman (78)
July 10, 2010 6:49pm CST
whether there is rich a psychic who have ability to predict result of world soccer matches? many gambling house make online gambling that could be followed by everyone in the world. If predictor were a little smarter they can use their ability to get millions of dollar from the world cup event. i think they are stupid if do not make a bet and win or they are just big liars. forecasters are still working after the wold cup is over is the big liar
2 responses
• India
11 Jul 10
I feel there will be money involvement in prediction of soccer matches and today is big one so many will go rich and poor at the same time.
• Morocco
11 Jul 10
I don't believe that these kind of people do really exist because as you've said if they were they would win millions of dollars with no big efforts ,and I couldn't agree more on the fact that they are only liars that try to do what a humain being can't do .