How Long Does It Takae You To Earn A Dollar At My Lot?

@Ezra710 (135)
United States
July 12, 2010 5:46pm CST
This is a new venture for me to earn some extra money. I already have a full time job, working 40+ hours a week. It has taken a month to earn my first dollar here at myLot. I enjoy doing this, but I need to improve my skills. I am limited in the time I can apply and I find myself writing really long responses as some of the dicussions warrant a detailed rsponse. So I ask to all who will answer. How long does it take you to earn a dollar here at my Lot?
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@tap0991 (2766)
• United States
12 Jul 10
Not really suppose to talk about earnings here on mylot but for informational purposes it takes me on average 4 days. I know this topic will get deleted already so gonna say add me and Ill send you something that might be of some use to you.
@Ezra710 (135)
• United States
13 Jul 10
Thank you tap, I will add you.
6 Dec 10
I think it really depends on how active you are in mylot, or the quality of your posts. It takes time to really see the result but we just have to be patient about it. Since I am still new in this site, I visit here everyday for me to see the positive results in the coming days or months.
@tedifa (1232)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 10
well..i can't answer for this questions cause i was joined still in a few day.But i'm so happy join with mylot. I can't spend my time a lot for mylot cause i had another job on internet online.You can check my jobs in this site.See my position on Top Earner :
@aaronfyzeon (1920)
• Philippines
15 Aug 10
For me, 2-3 days depending on my mood to write responses and create discussions.