Why did the French fail in 2010

@kaka10 (178)
South Africa
July 13, 2010 7:26am CST
why did they fail so miserably what was the result of it all
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• China
13 Jul 10
Do you think they are playing a team game?I just think they are eleven Separate individual not a team.
@kaka10 (178)
• South Africa
13 Jul 10
I agree with you fully if you look at it they went to play offs and basically cheated their way into the 2010 finals. Not enough friendlies or preparations for the World Cup
• China
14 Jul 10
They couldn't win any champion without Zidane.
• Indonesia
29 Jul 12
France failed in 2010 because too many problems in the French team that can not be solved simultaneously. We remember how the French players boycotted training that was held by the coach during the World Cup 2010? I think this failure because the French team is currently no leader figure like Zidane.
• India
25 Aug 10
Football is a team sport,unless you play in co-ordination with your team-mates you wont win even if you have great talents. In the case of France in 2010 world cup, neither was the team physically ready, lacking the pace required in the modern version of the game nor was it mentally ready to compete at this world stage. The clash of egos was noticeable from the starts and we all know what happened. It wasn't that surprising that the French won't succeed when you saw one of their match's.