how do u relieve ur stress or anxiety..??

@drdivu (1011)
July 14, 2010 12:38am CST
hi all... I would like to know how do u destress urself..?? people make me anxious..they come n go when ever they please...but for sure they come back in life and then ask me to accpet them but in vain... wat to do..?? its like sometimes i feel i m like vent house for them where they come and relieve and go..!! though they come back but wats the use...i lose feelings for them..!! I dont know why i cant be same for them from my side..!!
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24 Jul 10
I do yoga, meditation, martial arts and target shooting. These are all good ways to de-stress, especially the yoga and meditation. You can learn some simple meditation techniques from books or the internet, you don't need any kind of guru (although if you can find any organised classes in your area, they migh be worth going to). If you decide to try yoga, I'd strongly suggest finding a qualified teacher. Target shooting's good because it requires you to relax, control your breathing and focus your mind on one thing. Martial arts can be relaxing, but you need to find a class that includes a bit of the spiritual side as well as the physical.
@ilann1 (372)
• Israel
14 Jul 10
There are several ways to relieve stress, one could be taking deep breaths, other could be playing computer games (although the computer games I play are stressful and don't really help in relieving it), once could go for a walk or running. There are many ways to relieve stress, but the most common and passive way I know is taking relaxation pills.
@Muteki (114)
• Japan
14 Jul 10
For me, the best stress relievers are the following. 1. Kickboxing gym - hitting something or someone (in safe way) relieves a lot of stress. 2. Playing the Piano - I can get lost in the instrument and forget about worrys/issues for a short period 3. Playing TV-Games, good mential challenge and stress reliever.
• United States
14 Jul 10
An excellent stress reliever is a musical instrument. Learn how to play one and when your playing a piece you love all your stress melts away!