MusiC iS mY Life..

July 17, 2010 5:43am CST
Music are so important to me. Yeay!Thanks God!What kind of music I also love to listen, as well as it's nice enoughhh^^... Without music, my life will become so so so boring!No music = no life! I love life and I also Love Music! hehehe! Do you guys love to listen music? Izit music are also important to you in your daily life?
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• Philippines
19 Jul 10
Well, basically music has been a part of my life. I came from a clan where almost everyone knows how to play an instrument. I grew up listening to my parents, aunts and uncles play different instruments. SO i guess that's a big factor if you came from a family where music has been much appreciated. =]
@BethannTT (222)
17 Jul 10
Music is very important to me, the amount of meaning someone can get from a melody or a lyric overwhelms me, Im a hugh concert goer and without concerts i wouldn't have all the wonderful stories i have from them.
• India
17 Jul 10
I too like music and listen music when ever I can. music has a profound effect on your body and mind.Music have the power to sooth the mind and to ease muscle tension. It is my hobby and passion to listen music. Music can be used for therapy. For example, it can be used to lower blood pressure , boost immunity and more. It's no surprise that so many are seeing music as an important tool to help the body in staying healthy.
• Indonesia
17 Jul 10
hha me without music is not who i am i like to humming everyday singing, playing guitar, listening to the music i like music very much in fact, i like to play a BGM whenever i enter a room so that's why in my home, there are no room that is so quiet every room is full of music