don't JUDGE other before you JUDGE yourself!

July 17, 2010 5:57am CST
Many people in this world love to judge others actions and mistakes. You must take notice that in the way you judge others, and you also will be judged in the same way. You must know the circumstances for every words and judges that you made. We are human, not robot, and for sure we will always make mistakes and wrong decisions. It doesnt a big matter if you know how to correct the mistakes! So it's not need for someone to judge us like this! and please think of yourself attitudes and mistakes before you judging a person..
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• Philippines
17 Jul 10
Yes, this is so true. This is also a part of karma. What goes around, comes around. What you do to others, usually, others do to you too. Natural balance of things. People making mistakes is sometimes a big deal but after a while it just seems to go away so maybe all people need is time to heal wounds inflicted by these mistakes. One mistake does not make a person.
• Romania
22 Aug 10
yep ,right.
@nautilus33 (1831)
17 Jul 10
~well, i nguess that you are totally right becuse people should never hjudge oithers, no matters have they judged themselves already or they havent.~
@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
17 Jul 10
these people i cant stand, they are already to sit and point out what is wrong with others, and well they think they are perfect. and when someone else points out their faults or mistakes they are the first people to sit and cry and complain about it. i wont judge anyone for who or what they are. but if they are acting like a jerk or whatever i will tell them that they are. yeah these people dont like me too much..
• United States
17 Jul 10
I competely agree with you my sister used to judge me for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!It was driving me nuts,and the worst part was....SHE NEVER STOPS!!!!!!!!!she would go on and on all day long.As a matter of fact,she still does!Maybe she should think about her past not mine!-_-
@rahulx1 (295)
• India
17 Jul 10
yes i agree with you i always stay away to that people who always give tips even if they dnt know what they are telling me i always try to avoid these kind of people i give advise to my friend when they ask i never give myself