What is the standard of beautiful girl?

@llbo1981 (1242)
July 17, 2010 6:29am CST
Many people like the beautiful girl.But i think most of them love the beautiful girl who have well looking face only.Usually,the well looking face girl may not have kind-hearted. So i think the beautiful girl not only contain well looking face,but also have kind-hearted. What is your standard of beautiful girl?
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• Philippines
18 Aug 10
it's definitely how a woman carries herself. ive seen so many women who can't be descdibed as beautiful using the usual characteristics like aquiline nose, long hair, fair skin, but i see them to be very confident and beautiful in the way they act, speak and dress.
@chiyosan (30197)
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
Beauty always lie at the eyes of the beholder. I always believed in this. I mean for people when we have a set of beauty standards, then guys would be falling for the same "beautiful' girls and there would probably a lot of competition between the guys thinking they want the "beautiful" girl but everyone else thinks she is the only beauty around because of the standards. hehe For physical beauty, i'd say that it really depends on us, our eyes, our preferences, our wants, and our ideals. We could be friends but we certainly won't agree on the same things all the time right? and that i think goes for how we see a beautiful persons.
@abhi000 (235)
• India
2 Aug 10
Truly believe in beauty is in the eye of the beholder.My standard of beautiful girl must be from her inner heart.women are created by nature with particular characters which cannot be replaced by men.The girls are endowed with tenderness and suchlike water.They are gentle and soft comparing with boys muscularity and strong.These are the special beauty belong only to girl.
@rtsh_gup (185)
• India
28 Jul 10
Different person has different idea to judge the beauty .For me outer beauty is not that much necessary but inner beauty is the must.I always go for inner beauty like kind heart,nice,having love and care and good humanity I consider he or she is a beautiful girl/boy.......
• Philippines
18 Jul 10
it will depend on who will respond.for me a beautiful girl is someone who is comfortable with herself,can adapt to different circumstances,kind,independent,strong,sweet,and driven.physically I consider a girl with thick,shapely eyebrows and long,thick lashes beautiful.we all have different concepts of beauty.beauty is not a universal thing.
@Satenik (102)
• Armenia
17 Jul 10
I don't think that most people like only the beautiful look of a girl. Maybe from first sight but when they get to know the girl better, they start looking for internal beauty. If there is an emptiness inside, beauty fades away. There is no standard of a beautiful girl. All depends on taste.
@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
17 Jul 10
I don`t think it has to be a standard of a beautiful woman. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but first you have to know her, see her personality, not only the looks, because the beauty goes away in time, but sure beauty also is important, but not very important like personality, and a good heart.
@takie23 (142)
17 Jul 10
Depend on what kind of beauty we are talking about. Beauty from the inside, or just the outside. Of course, we can't pinpoint beautiful faces to have good heart, but at the same time, we can't also say they don't have good heart either. It just need to be two separate things entirely. If we're talking about the beauty on the outside alone, I would say a girl that is confident and comfortable with their own natural look without putting on 'too much' make up, they are the beautiful ones. ;)