How to make children tuned unable to understand, what should be made them to stu

July 18, 2010 1:02am CST
In the present competitive world everything has become fast like should we make our children study like what to read and what not to read...everything is important...what they should read....especially in schooling once they get in to college they move on in the route they have selected...but how to put a strong base for them in the school days? one thing is they doesn't listen first of all how much if we say also going on chitchatting with each other this and's only little time they study....when exams are there they will....but how to make them learn the basics unable to is it possible without beating or scolding....
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@amrddy (215)
• Philippines
18 Jul 10
I have a fourteen year old daughter and she is studying in a catholic school. Way back when she was young I used to watch cartoons with her that's why I was able to check what and what not to watch. These new generations of children are no longer book worms because of the onset of internet. As long as you don't tired of telling them what and what not to do I believe in their own time they will be able to cope with life ahead of them.
• India
20 Jul 10
Hi, thank you for your valuable response.....yeah you are right? they are no more book worms.....if we ask them to study..they won't understand that for whose sake we are asking...but few kids they themselves study...and they never make their parents to involve in their studies..anyway thank you...take care..bye
@mythociate (21437)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
17 Nov 12
If you're looking to put a limit on what they see, hear or read, start by putting it on yourself. When they want to read a book with you, YOU pick out the book (or 'help them pick it out'). Same thing when they want to listen to some music or watch some TV or a movie. I remember (vaguely) when I wasn't allowed to watch television unless a grownup was in the room with me ... kinda made 'watching TV alone' a bit of a thrill.
@bkrm_gupt (219)
• India
27 Jul 10
Now it is very hard to make our child understand.This days children are no more book worms they always go for playing only but we should advice them to study there are some student who knows what is important in their life,so they do not need their parents to guide them every time.we should know the value of wishes..........