Facebook trend

@mkchaves (530)
July 18, 2010 2:32am CST
When I started MyLot, facebook was not yet a trend. Then it suddenly popped out of nowhere somewhat like a mushroom. and now, it's one of the most addicting social networking sites there is. I could still remember when Friendster became so popular. But what happened to it? It seems like it was from the 1930's or something. It's like a bad history class or something that no one wants to talk about it anymore. if you're caught talking about it, you're like some kind of a loser or something. haha Anyway, will there be something more than Facebook to come out in the future or Facebook will remain a trend until the end of time? Personally, I do prefer Facebook over other social media sites. It's so user-friendly and the games - they're simply enjoyable. hehehe What social media do you use? and why?
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• Philippines
18 Jul 10
I still stick to facebook because i like its features. Because of it, i found old friends that i've been longing to see for so long. I also met new friends and became addicted to some of its games.
@mkchaves (530)
• Canada
20 Jul 10
what games do you play? i'm so addicted with its Mafia Wars, Sorority Life and Bejeweled Blitz. hahahahhaa
@bamrahkirti (1821)
• India
21 Jul 10
I like Facebook a lot because i have got to unite with so many school and college friends.Most of the time i am occupied with games on Facebook like Farmville and Treasure isle. Earlier i used to use Orkut but now i have deleted my account and enjoying my stay here in Facebook.
• United States
18 Jul 10
I definitely use Facebook. And I agree with you all the way on its growing trend. No other networking site seems to compare to it. I was a bit reluctant to start an account on my own though. Close friends of mine have been begging me to make one until one day they finally made one for me and I was the last to know about it. I'm sure glad they did though. Facebook is quite addicting!