Dogs and Guns Cant Call 911

@dramaqn (1990)
United States
July 18, 2010 12:50pm CST
Have you ever just looked down your street and noticed how many houses/apartments do or don't have a home security system sign in their yard? Go ahead, go take a glimpse. In some areas is more than others, and some areas that really need it only have a few. Did you just say you don't need one because you have a gun or dog? Well that's wonderful, but wouldn't you like the criminal to be caught and go directly to jail? Not spending your tax payer money when a police officer has to stand guard outside a hospital room? Wouldn't you rather just be able to point the gun at the intruder so they don't move while you wait for the police to come, just from the touch of a button? I would. I'm all for dogs and guns, but remember this... guns don't work when your not home and dogs can't call the fire department. Today home security systems aren't just for deterring theives, but also can call the fire department within 60 seconds/15 degrees of dangerous smoke. So much better to hit a button while tending to a loved one, rather than holding a phone or searching for your cell phone in a medical emergency. Dogs and guns are helpful, but also they are investments. Protect your protection investment with a home security system. Do your research and get the best for your family and the rate you can afford. But help your family and pets and get one. Yes, even if you live in the country side and backwoods. Why spend money on a dog and gun for protection if you don't care what happens to the gun or dog. If you don't care, then don't get the dog or gun. If you do care, make sure you protect it. And remember they aren't just for home owners, there are wireless systems for renters. They deserve to have their family protected also. Not to mention discounts or renters and homeowners insurance. I hope this litle passage will help someone, somehow. Don't be blind to what's going on in today's society.
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