Rules to strict?

United States
July 18, 2010 3:18pm CST
Are these rules to strict, because I can find rule breaking in just about every discussion we start. For example I see right now in new discussions: 1.Is it bad to move forward slowly within a relationship? 2.For what reason 3.What kind of controllers can I use on my pc to play games? 4.Pillow Which all brake the do not rule: Post anything that discloses your personal information or others' personal information. We do not disclose it to anyone for good reason. also: Jokes Which brake the do not rule: Post jokes, recipes, etc. as discussions. This is a form of abuse and all recipes and jokes will be deleted if they are started as a discussion. ______________________________ this might might even be against the rules also, lol What do you guys think? and why?
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@Elixiress (3882)
18 Jul 10
I think you are taking the rules a little too far, and not viewing them in the purpose that they were made. The rule stating that personal information should not be shared is for your own safety and the safety of others, to avoid a random person showing up at your house or workplace. The first discussion: Is it bad to move forward slowly in your relationship? Is perfectly acceptable as long as posters don't use their own or their partners full names, using names such as "Mary" are perfectly fine because there are loads of Mary's in the word and that is not going to put the individual at risk. And, I have no idea how discussions about pillow and game controllers could possibly be breaking the rules.
18 Jul 10
I don't condider those examples you have given to be against the rules at all. The point here is to start a discussion that will provoke more than a yes or no / one or two word answers. You have to strike up a conversation. You example 1. is not disclosing any personal information. I have no idea who the person is, where he lives or any of his 'personal' details that means he could be traced. You cannot post recipes or jokes because they are easy to earn money from by simply copy/paste and cannot generally be commented on or a discussion started about them.