What is it with people who like there cars to much?

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July 19, 2010 8:30am CST
I walk down the street and find that all sorts of people put rims on therr car. I dont see the point, unless you are a pimp. Anyway, its freaking exotic! What do you all think of this?
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11 Oct 10
iv'e put rims on cars I have owned. I never put anything too big or made it look dumb. I think its just an accessory for your car. Although, it can me expensive it is a hobby a lot of people enjoy.some people go to the extreme, its more to stand out and be different to me. I like when people look over and hear my car and see my rims.
@PDBME2 (1015)
• United States
21 Jul 10
Exotic or annoying? I don't see the point either but I find that most men just love to fix up their cars. My husband tried to get these expensive rims on our car once. Heck we have kids so I didn't see the point. He travels with the radio loud and the car has to be clean. I travel with Disney music, wrappers all over the car from a one way trip, and car seats. My older brother has a motorcycle he has dearly named. I remember when he was young he bought a yellow camaro, which he still has, but it doesn't work. It's the men. Smile.