what's you favourite pc game

November 17, 2006 1:33am CST
mine i think is Diablo II
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@chrisjfj (232)
• United States
17 Nov 06
Fallout 2... cant wait until fallout 3 comes out! In Fallout 2 you assume the role of the Chosen One, a tribal ancestor of Fallout's vault dweller, 80 years after the events that transpired in the original game. Your character's people have carved out a modest settlement in an isolated corner of the futuristic Californian wasteland, but they realize that their attempts to eke out a meager existence are doomed to failure unless they find a "Garden of Eden Creation Kit" to revitalize their village. While your character's main quest is to retrieve a GECK, in the course of your search you'll encounter assorted communities of misfits and monsters, ranging from opportunistic gangsters and elitists willing to exploit the less fortunate, to radiated, war-time survivors, supermutants, and evolved critters. You're given plenty of opportunities to interact with those communities in a variety of ways, and helping out one community or faction may ultimately bring misfortune to others. Somewhat ironically for a sequel, Fallout 2 features one of the most refreshingly original worlds seen in a role-playing game, and you can explore it in an almost completely nonlinear fashion.