just spell it!

July 19, 2010 3:23pm CST
Why can't you just spell it out? Why DON't you just spell it out or blurt it out? It is just so hard to tell that certain person that you love him/her... is it because you don't want to get rejected?or are you just scared if that person will just laught at your feelings? why is it too hard? can you tell my why?? and if you want to spell it out and just say it... when do u think the perfect timing is? and will you even try to say it? hhmmm.... tik tak! clock it ticking.. whay if that person felt the same way about you? and just like you he/she was also hesitant on saying it? hmm.. makes you think sometimes... :)
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@koditza (235)
• Germany
24 Jul 10
Well, there is kind of a problem with saying these words...aloud..in your native language. The perfect timing is when you feel as if you cannot hold it anymore and you really feel like you should say it (but don't say it when not sober) There are many reasons why people say it so hard. maybe because they once said it and they were disappointed and don't want to be hurt again. Maybe the fear that the other one won't say a word, will ignore us, will feel that the relationship is going too fast and many other reasons. When one is hesitant about saying it is because they are not completely sure that the other person deserves to be told these words
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@cream97 (29087)
• United States
19 Jul 10
Hi, shikimurei. I know what you mean! My ex boyfriend was like this. He would be so scared to tell me that he loves me. Sometimes I think that he really does not love me. I think that he is trying to hide his true feelings towards me too. I guess if he hear himself say it to me he will be ashamed. But why should he be? I would have been glad to hear him say it to me.
• Philippines
20 Jul 10
hhmm yeah.. that's how girl feel.. I hope to get a man's point of view on this too..