Valkyrie movie lovers, I salute Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg!

Sri Lanka
July 20, 2010 11:07am CST
for me Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg is a real hero cause' of the sacrifices he did and the braveness he showed.. On July 20th 1944, he and his people failed at an attempt of assasinating Hitler and as they considered and as far as I know, it was damn necessary to either save the world or save Germany from disrespect if they had succeeded. reminds me of this quote: "you did not bear the shame; you resisted, sacrificing your life for freedom, justice and honor- German resistance memorial, Berlin" he had already lost his left eye, right arm and two fingers in his left arm due to the war matters and even though he served the whole world, risking his life. I came to know about this man through the movie, Valkyrie which was released in early 2009, and heard what people commented about it.. even the real Germans have been like, Tom Cruise in this movie has lowed down the character of the Colonel. But I must say that honestly Tom Cruise is why i know about Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg at the moment :)
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