My 2008 Mazda 6 has a squeeky wheel and....

@Lochoa (222)
United States
July 20, 2010 11:32am CST
I bought this car from a dealership in mid Feb this year. Once I realized the squeeky wheel I took it in 2 days or so after the purchase. I took it to the dealership I purchased it from and they said since they're not a Mazda dealership and I bought an extended warranty I can take it to a Maxda dealership and they'll handle it. Well that's what I did (even though I didn't like the idea of the dealership I bought it from not looking at the car) I went in 2 times and was unable to get someone to look at the car b/c they were booked. I was working a very demanding job so I couldn't take days off work easily and so my husband called the Mazda dealership to try to schedule an appointment to get the steering wheel checked out. The guy never called us back and so I finally got someone to call us back and schedule an appointment and the first time we were able to take it in was approx April and the problem is still not fixed! I've takin it in 3-4 times they only recorded it twice! And today I took it in again and another guy was helping me not even the same person from the previous 3 times! That was frusterating! And this guy asked me if I owned the car in Sept 09 and if this car had ever been in an accident and I told him not to my knowledge but he said back in Sept according to the records on the car a dealership found out the steering wheel or column was bent and it would cost $1,100 to fix and the owner declined the work! Like are you serious?! My steering column is bent and NO ONE informed me of this before! Can the dealership that sold me this car be responsible for this? They must have known b/c it's on my "car record". I had this happen to me in Dec 09 with another dealership! They sold me a lemon basically and luckily with that car it was after the 1st day of owning the car; I took the car in and they were looking into thr "problem" I was saying and after a month they called me and said that they're going to take the car back b/c the damages to the car are more then what the car is worth so they should've never sold it to me! So I gave the car back! and 1 week later I end up with this Mazda! The thing is, is I am buying these cars from reputable well known dealerships not off the street or at some dealership no one has heard of! And they're newer cars! They look perfect no dents, cracks, etc! I don't understand! Can I get advice on what to do with this Mazda I have now? Am I now responsible for these damages that were there before I owned the car that the dealership must have known about when they sold this to me and failed to inform me?
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@dawnald (84939)
• Shingle Springs, California
20 Jul 10
The laws vary by state, but I'd bet that the dealer was obligated to disclose the defect to you. Here is a link I found, and maybe you can find out what your recourse is here: