whats a good intermediate bass?

United States
July 20, 2010 3:10pm CST
i currently have an ibanez starter pack one, but I am looking to upgrade. I don't really like the design of ibanez'es because they look to "heavy metal" in my opinion. I like more of the Fender P-Bass look. Do you guys know of any good intermediate basses that look like a P-Bass. Also, do you think the Squier by Fender P Bass is good? The retail price is $199.99 and I can find a used one easily for about $75-100. Should I just buy one of those instead? Also, the only basses I am really insterested in are Squiers, Fenders and any look alikes. I don't like Gibson basses or Epiphone's basses mainly because they take the shape of guitars that are only meant to be electric guitars. Like for example, Squier and Fender basses have their OWN unique shape. With that being said, can you guys give me your opinion on the bass I should get?
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