what's the craziest thing you ever did?

@mkchaves (530)
July 21, 2010 12:55am CST
What's the craziest thing you ever did your entire life? I have done some stupid and crazy things and I have not regretted a thing. It was so life changing and so fun filled!!! I am going to cherish those for the rest of my life. Life has a lot to offer, and surprises too. The craziest thing i did was not telling my whole family.... i can't spill it out... because someone who knows me might read this and i'll be dead. lol... But, like i said, i will treasure what i did for the rest of my life... What's the craziest thing you ever did.... share the ones that you can. lol. :p thanks
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@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
28 Jul 10
In my adolescence, i`ve done so many crezy things, that i cannot remember one of them now. But the last crazy thing i did was with my boyfriend, last year, we stayed in a cottage to the mountains, and got drunk, and played naked poker, and i won, so i made him go outside naked, while opposite was another cottage with people that were making a barbeque.
@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
21 Jul 10
Some people would say the most crazy thing I have done was travel around the world. I was made redundant from my job in a shipping company. I tried to find other work but because of the recession it proved almost impossible. I bought an airline ticket around the world, got a working holiday visa for Australia and off I went. I spent just over one year traveling around the world. When I got back my aunt said I have either been very brave or stupid. Well, I became very keen on traveling and it is educational not at all stupid.
@Canellita (12029)
• United States
21 Jul 10
Hmmmmm, let's see... respond to this discussion? JK! But seriously, I can't think of a single thing at the moment. Either my memory is going or things have just been very boring...
• Philippines
21 Jul 10
Breaking into somebody's backyard just to swim in their big beautiful pool.we knew the owner went out for a weekend trip.
@rhodzptc (1317)
• Philippines
21 Jul 10
As far as I can remember the craziest thing I did is that I smashed my BF's cellphone. It was an LG cookie KP500, I get mad at him when he keeps me waiting for an hour we will supposed to be having a date but it he taught I was going out to office around 12 Noon, but I got out early and I text him 30 minutes earlier before I go out. There was been a problem with the network so the messages are delayed. He received my text around 11:15 am that means he is already 15 minute late he replied to me but it was delayed to before I received the messages I already broke his cellphone because I thought he has cellphone but his not replying back. Lol, crazy isn't it?