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@Bionicman (3964)
Czech Republic
July 21, 2010 4:49pm CST
There's "Let The Right One In" remake coming out soon. The movie was perfect as it was and really there's no need for a remake but I'm kinda looking forward to this because the director said he's making version closer to the book instead remaking the movie for American audience. Still the trailer looks too similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjavOLdPk1c I can't imagine them topping the original but the result could be good. Just don't make 3D CGI cats flying out of the screen lol
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@Galena (9120)
21 Jul 10
I really enjoyed it. and what makes me feel quite positive about the remake is that it sounds like they found it a really special film too, so the concerns are more for bringing it to a wider audience than about taking a good idea to the lazy spoonfed masses for quick money. to this day I've not yet seen the original version of the ring, because whenever it's on TV, its later than I can still stay focused on subtitles. and some people are like that faced with any film at any time. but a good subtitled film is still good when you are awake enough to follow it. let the right one in is a fab film. pans labyrinth is an amazing film. subtitles don't mean a film is not good, just that you need to be a bit more focused to enjoy it. and many a remake is aimed at making a perfectly good film more palatable to an audience that wouldn't ever think to watch a subtitled film. the aim seems different for this one.
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@Bionicman (3964)
• Czech Republic
21 Jul 10
For me it's weird to think that someone finds it hard to focus on the subtitles. It comes natural to me since in my country we watch all the foreign films (including American of course) with subtitles on TV. There's no dubbing. btw I like the Hollywood version of The Ring much more than original Japanese.
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@lady1993 (21869)
• Philippines
30 Dec 10
I'm a big fan of the original too... But I can't really say it is perfect, it was quite dull for me sometimes. The remake is out though and the reviews are good, people are really happy abut it. I'm going t watch the remake soon.
@thezone (9447)
• Ireland
6 Aug 10
Should be interesting. I have to agree the original was pretty much perfect. I will watch this one though as I see Hammer studios are attached to it, maybe this could be a return to greatness for them. I always tend to check out remakes of certain movies just out of curiosity, though good remakes are in the minority.