Now Iam trying for a job as lecturer in english but its after a long gap of ten

July 24, 2010 2:02am CST
I have applied for lecturer jobs and waiting for interviews...I am little scared like after ten years of gap joining in to job that too as a lecturer is it possible for me to teach the college students. I was busy all these days with my family after getting maried now my kids have grown up and am planning to do job....all of my friends have experience and they are doing job since few years by seeing them and the freshers I am little scared like how to tackle the students how to teach them...will i be able to I am completely nill like no knowledge everything I should start from beginning like so thinking whether to join or keep quiet....what do you suggest..thank you...
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@krnavtr (285)
• India
28 Jul 10
First you just wait for it to come,after that when it comes to you never neglect it as its your hope and wish.Nothing is impossible if we really work hard.moreover you are having experience before and hope its good that you do the same work once again.
24 Jul 10
We all do fear that because the expectation of people aiming for what we could give to them or us for them but you have been there before so basically steps starts with ABC's but don't be scared I know you can fill everything. And just be yourself before you enter the room take an extra deep breath before you know it your done with it.Just smile.
@jagjit273 (1754)
• India
24 Jul 10
The First Thing Is That You Have Just applied and You Are In process. Let First The Oppurtunities Reach Your Doorstep. Moreover You are Not a fresher, You Have Learned and gained many experinces by now , by the life it self and you are a lot More Mature Person than those College Going Students,It is and it Will Be Very easy For You To tackle them With Your Experience As they Only Have High Energy, But lack Of Experience, If You Use and apply Your Mind In a right Way and right direction You can Handle it in A Short period of time. I Think You Have Developed Fobia By Sitting at Home, So Joining an Institution Will Increase Your Confidence and Will Treat Your Fobia as well. So If you Get the oppurtunity, Go For It.