How prevents the diphtheria?

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November 17, 2006 2:31am CST
How prevents the diphtheria?
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14 Feb 07
METHODS OF PREVENTION AND CONTROL - Active immunization of all infants (6weeks) and children with 3 doses of diptheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT) toxoid administered at 4-6 weeks intervals and then booster doses following year after the last dose of primary series and another dose on the 4th or 5th year of age. - Pasteurization of milk - Education of parents - Reporting of the case to the health officer for proper medical care.
• China
8 Dec 06
(1) prophylatic inoculation 1. healths educations diphtheria is an infectious disease whichthe vaccine may prevent, therefore, after educates the child guardianchild to be born, according to national stipulation immunity procedureprompt prophylatic inoculation. Strengthens to a youth generation ofmedical personnel's training, raises the diagnosis level, reducesmisdiagnoses or leaks examines. Because the diphtheria reduces inrecent years, very many young doctors lack to the diphtheriaunderstanding, creates the epidemic situation late to report or tofail to report, so that epidemic situation expansion and spread. 2. prophylatic inoculations according to the national child immunityprocedure, the child are born the latter 3 months to start to injecthundred white broken three associations preparations (DPT), the gapmany to 28 days, continuously vaccinates 3 needles, each time 0.5milliliter, 18~24 ?? when again strengthens 1 needle, when 7 fullyears old with purifies the diphtheria, the tetanus (Td) twoassociations vaccines strengthens 1 needle, in view of the fact thatthe present adult diphtheria increases, uses the adult to purify thediphtheria toxoid (2 ~ 4 Lf) the hypodermic injection, the effect isgood. General DPT and the Td vaccine ships and stores up in 20C underthe ~8C 0 temperatures, the effect price cannot reduce. (2) aims at the infection source, the dissemination way and the easyfeeling crowd's measure 1. infections sources want the early time in view of theinfection source to discover, the early time reported, nearby isolatesthe treatment to the patient early time And prompt processing epidemic disease area. After the patientsymptom vanishes, gathers every other day swallows ?? the raise,continuously two negative, only then leave the hospital; Ifunconditionally raises, may vanish the 1~2 week after the symptom toleave the hospital. Carries on the registration to the close contact,the medical inspection 7 days, simultaneously carries on thenasopharyngeal ?? raise, the masculine gender gives the antibiotictreatment. Popular period should strengthen to the day careorganization, elementary school's early morning inspects, mustspecially pay attention to the spirit to be dispirited, pharyngalgiaand courage and uprightness nasal mucus. 2. aims at the dissemination way the measure patient's nasopharyngealsecretion and its the pollution clothing, the handkerchief, the messgear, the toy, the doorknob and so on should carry on thedisinfection. After the patient is hospitalized the isolation leavesthe hospital the after hospital ward to the patient family and thedormitory as well as the patient, should carry on at the end of theend disinfection. 3. aims at the easy feeling crowd the measure to work as when thediphtheria is popular, when especially explodes popularly, as soon aspossible to periphery crowd emergency vaccination diphtheria toxoid.When necessity to certain scope crowd, as soon as possible universalvaccination diphtheria toxoid.
• India
17 Nov 06
vaccination one solution