What cars from the past should be remade?

@fpsninja (874)
July 25, 2010 7:04pm CST
Hi everyone I am just starting this topic to ask what cars from the apst do you think should be remade. And i dont mean remade in a different way, like VW did with the beetle, i mean made as they we built, exactly the same, except fresher off the factory line? Well here are some suggestions to get the brain fluids moving: The original mini, none of this new mini nonsense The original beetle, way too cool VW camper van DMC-12 (delorean, they actually still make these) The rally spec ford escort The old Ford KA, the newer one is just tosh Citreon AX/peugeot 106- the original hot hatches These are all the ones i can think of, please post any other ideas below
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