Begging.. What is Your Take?

United States
July 25, 2010 10:53pm CST
I have seen and recently been in the position to use a service called chip in. This is where you state what you need money for and then place a widget anywhere and everywhere you can to try and raise the funds you need. My husband is not a very big fan of these items and says it is begging.... what do you think? Is it begging and should people, myself included, be ashamed of having to ask for money in such a manner?
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• Jamaica
26 Jul 10
I discourage people from donating money to an individual online, no matter how heart-breaking their story sounds. I wouldn't do it but I have read a lot of other post where people have done it and got money. I really wonder who are these people that gave? That’s also because of sites like eBay and Craigslist offer no way to verify the authenticity of that person. In other words: Cyber begging could easily become another form of Cyber scamming! That’s why eBay would rather see users donate their money to nationally recognized, tax-deductible charity organizations.
@jennyze (7045)
• Indonesia
26 Jul 10
I agree with you. I would like to donate money to people I know or to an organization offline.
• Philippines
26 Jul 10
In your situation, I don't see it as begging. Begging, or beggars sometimes annoys people. In your situation, as long as what you do does not annoys anyone , it is clearly not begging. Beggars should not be ashamed of themselves. They shoulf only be ashamed of they are capable of doing good in their lies but chooses not to do so and be contented with the begging stuff. But as I can see, your husband seems to have issues with this. Talk with him, he might be seeing something in this issue that you and I might fail to see.