Do you like the Architecture in the Lord of the RIngs?

July 26, 2010 2:02pm CST
When i watched the lord of the rings movies i LOVED the architecture in it. Gondors architecture was really cool. The 2 structures that i liked the most were Minas Tirith because of the 7 levels and how the gates to the higher level delved into the wall. I really liked that. I also liked Helms Deep. The design is cool with the inner and outer keep, and the thick wall beside it. I liked how the floor of the outer keep gradualey moved up into the inner keep and they could see the whole battle from the inner keep. Did you like the architecture in the lord of the rings? Which structures (cities, fortresses, etc.) did you like?
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@mullj9 (15)
• United States
26 Jul 10
It was definitely all pretty awesome, but my favorites were Lothlorien and Mordor. Which I know are like the exact opposite, but I loved how pretty Lothlorien was with all the lights in the trees. And they also made Mordor look pretty much exactly as dark and creepy as it should have.
26 Jul 10
Lothlorien was awesome to with the HUGE tree. Mordor looked kinda plain though except for the few features around it (the black gate, the tower sam went up, Sauron's Tower, mt doom) Sauron's tower was great though.
@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
26 Jul 10
Of course, didn't everyone? I don't really remember any particular buildings or structures though, but I remember that I always thought that the hobbit village was very cute. They showed it a lot in the first and especially the third movie.
26 Jul 10
Yeah the hobbit houses were cool. I liked how the back of the house delved into the hill. If i went into one id probably hit my head 5 times more then Gandalf did lol.
@CTHanum (8250)
• Malaysia
18 Sep 10
i love all of them.there all great and fantastic place.the real and original places and scenery are beautiful while the generated scenery and places are so detailed and captured my eyes to it!the film is masterpiece.the architecture indeed!
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
26 Aug 10
Well its great!! i really loved the architecture, its awesome and fantastic.
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
10 Aug 10
Well true i liked it very much, it was very creative.
• India
29 Jul 10
Hi, Off course, the Architecture of LOTR was mind blowing.. I don't really know how there people was creating these kind of creative Architecture...