United States
July 26, 2010 4:44pm CST
Hello everyone I would like to know if you or someone you knew had a deadly desease do you think people should treat you different? and if so how woud you feel? if your family treated you nasty
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• Jamaica
26 Jul 10
I think that all human should be created equal.I think that it is sad that people treat people different that have deadly disease.I wouldn't as a home health Aide for many years and was often sad at how even Family members would treat members of their family that had been diagnosed with some from of illness. I think that is the reason why things like HIV?AIDS is on the rise because people are scared to know the truth. A lot of that comes from the way that they think people will treat them.When you look into a ill person's eyes, you see a reflection of yourself and that scares you. And so it should. Because you don't want to be treated the way they are.