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July 29, 2010 10:39am CST
Hi guys and girls, Have any of you ever distributed catalogues to earn extra money? I'm thinking of signing up with a Swedish company called Oriflame, it's free to start up. I have a friend who worked with Avon. What has been your experience of these companies and which one pays the best and the one with the most perks?
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• Canada
29 Jul 10
I did catalogue sales with a greetings and gifts company in Canada for quite a few years. I never distributed catalogues to random people though. I circulated them to family and friends or to people that they recommended to me. I liked doing the sales and had everything shipped to my home address. I never made "a lot" of money but I was always able to cover the cost of my own purchases too. So, I never paid a cent for things like boxes of greeting cards, gift wrap, kitchen gadgets and other household items... and I could also buy some of my gifts and stocking stuffers from them too. In the long-run, it was a good deal for me because I was never spending out of pocket for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions. I was thinking about doing it again for the coming holiday season but I haven't quite decided yet :)
• United States
1 Aug 10
what is the name of the company?
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• Canada
2 Aug 10
The company is Regal... here is their website, if it helps you too! :)
@greenline (14839)
• Canada
28 Aug 10
Personally, I have not. But, I have hard about part-time job possibilites distributing catalogues for local and foreign companies. This would be in a way working as a representaive of the company for the designated local area. It does sound interesting for making some money to supplement the other main income one has. One can find such companies on business search engines.