which would you prefer, Boiled or Distilled?

July 29, 2010 10:50am CST
Which is better to use for you baby's to drink, a boiled water or a commercialized distilled water. I've been a mother for a few months now and as result of nurturing my child alone without my mother's supervision I felt it difficult especially when it comes to my baby's health and safety. I was giving my baby distilled water but he got sick. he experienced diarrhea and was confined in the hospital for five days. Now I'm afraid that my baby will be sick again if I'm not cautious about his water. What do you think which is more safe, Boiling water or distilled water?
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@rosie230 (1699)
29 Jul 10
With my young babies, I have only ever given them boiled water. You will find that the older your baby gets, the more tolerant their stomach is. This is why we are advised to sterilize things. I sterilized my children's bottles etc, until they were a year old, although you can stop before hand, as lets be honest when they are at that age where they are crawling etc, they do tend to put dirty things in their mouths, and I think that it builds their immune systems up better, if they learn like that, rather than us being over cautious with everything. But if your baby is having problems, then I advise you only give it boiled water.