What PC game would you recommend? (downloadable via torrent)

July 29, 2010 11:40pm CST
I've been browsing websites all day. I am now getting so bored. Guys, please help me find interesting games.
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@rugene (57)
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
I really love O2Jam.But now O2Jam is not functioning.But yet it is the best PC game.lol. I love also warcraft, CABal,and battle realms.
• India
4 Aug 10
the thing is any game can be downloaded through torrents. the main things should be checked while downloading through torrents are peers,health and seeds. other than this nothing need to be checked. the other thing to be checked is whether your system has the compatibility to run the game such as , ram,graphic card, directX andll
• Malaysia
30 Jul 10
If your PC spec is high enough I would recommend Resident Evil 5, GTA 4, or maybe Devil May Cry. But thats just my taste of gaming. It would help if you specify the type of games you like the most.
• India
30 Jul 10
Hello ronald allan.... I would recommend you to play Prototype and GTA4.They are best game to play with great graphics easily downloadable via torrents.Have a good time playing those games.....
@getpaidsz (180)
• Italy
30 Jul 10
I suggest you the Prince of Persia and the Battlefield(Bad company). You may also check the ratings on famous gaming websites and read the comments of the gamers. gamespot.com and pc.ign.com are two of them. Of course it highly depends on your system and the minimum requirements of the game. Surely you don't want to play the best game on your PC as a slow motion. Have fun with gaming!
@babz02 (250)
• Philippines
31 Jul 10
if your PC is packed with gaming hardware, the I strongly recommend StarCraft 2 wings of liberty. This game just came out of the market and there are already torrents available. you would want to Dload this ASAP before they start stopping the files. here's a link, I hope it will help... (I can't paste the link) just go to, www.kickasstorrents.com