to ear crop or not to ear crop?

July 30, 2010 9:32am CST
guys,I need your help..I have a male pitbull,he's name is Ruffus,and he's about to turn 4 months in a week, I need to decide whether I'm going to crop his ear or not. I don't know what is the advantages and disadvantages of ear cropping..can you please give me some advise..
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10 Feb 11
I dont' know of any advantages. I thought clipping ears would be the thing to do but then once we got our pitbull we just couldn't do it! First I couldn't imagine putting him in pain just for a "style" it takes months to heal and I've seen dogs get infections. Pitbulls floppy ears bring so much personality!!! I wouldn't suggest doing it.
• Canada
9 Jun 12
I didn't bother cropping my pitts ears, sure there's times when curiosity has me wondering.."what would he look like" and i find myself folding his ear in a cropped fashion lol but nah..I'm glad i didn't
• Canada
22 Nov 10
Ear cropping is completely unnecessary. Not to mention very painful for the dog. The only advantage to cropping ears is that they can't get ripped of in a fight. So unless you plan on fighting your dog, don't do it. Our province has banned the cropping of ears, and the cropping of tails is quickly following. It is banned because it is painful, unnecessary, and considered a cruel and inhumane practice. Don't do it.
@kristinad (185)
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30 Jul 10
i don't see the need to do it would you wont someone to cut something off of you. i know i wouldn't. plus it is animal cruelty. i don't know i love my pit so much and i wouldn't wont to change him for the world