in finding nemo.who do you think has the longer exposure ? his dad or nemo?

@rugene (57)
August 1, 2010 8:42am CST
I really Love the Movie finding Nemo.But I guess I really Much Appreciated How The father seek His One and Only Left CHild Though It is so Impossible. That Father is the Best Example of being a good PAReNT. Though His CHild is Slightly Bad or something that will not listen to Him.He accept and Love him completely with all His lIFE.
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@besthope44 (12123)
• India
8 Aug 10
Well its cute nemo undoubtedly.
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
In the movie finding Nemo, his father has the longest exposure. He had been through many obstacles just to find his son Nemo. although Nemo has some exposures too, because his the leading character, his dad has the most adventures and trials experienced, one of those trials are the sharks that they encounter, and many more
@meemingNEW (2226)
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
Nemo's dad definitely has longer exposure than Nemo. Next is Dori. :) I really want to share that Dori is my favorite character in Finding Nemo because she is just so funny. Anyway, the movie has lessons that is very good for its viewers especially children. Nemo is an example of a stubborn child who disobeyed his parent and it really teaches children to listen to their parents to prevent being or getting in trouble. As for Nemo's dad Marlin, (is its name Marlin?), it shows how a parent loves his/her child that it'll do the impossible just for them. Very nice movie!
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
The father has the longer exposure.