Are in favor of killing dogs for food?

killed dogs - killed dogs for food
August 4, 2010 2:48am CST
Many in the Philippines today still serve dog meals not hotdog but meat of dogs killed for food purposes. Are you in favor or against to it?
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12 Aug 10
I'm absolutely not in favor of this. I have dogs as pets and I'd rather starve than eat my animals. The thought of it makes me want to throw up. I mean, I can see how you could kill animals if you needed food. I don't even like the idea of killing any animal, but dogs especially I would never do.
• Canada
8 Aug 10
I do not agree, support or side with any Government or group that uses pets, dogs cats or any other pet for food, clothing, sport or any other thing or purpose. REMEMBER ALWAYS LUV/ CARE/ TRAIN YOUR DOG/ PET, THEY WILL ALWAYS LUV U,,
@lelin1123 (15635)
• Puerto Rico
5 Aug 10
I am totally against it and it really shouldn't be allowed. I can't imagine killing a dog so I could eat it. That is horrible in so many ways. These poor innocent dogs. I can't understand how people can eat dog meat. I guess they grew up doing this and they think its ok.
@Thumb86 (290)
4 Aug 10
Im aware that they eat dogs in certain parts of asia. I understand its part of their culture and I respect that but personally, I am against it. I guess they feel differently towards dogs and keeping dogs as domisticated pets over there. Like, I say, I would never eat dog meat or be for killing dogs for food.
@sjlskl (3383)
• Singapore
4 Aug 10
No, I am definitely against it. China has already outlaw serving dog meat in restaurant so I don't see why other countries cannot do the same.
@catalyser (531)
• Malaysia
4 Aug 10
If its a local delicacy, then there is no reason for it to be wrong.
@xianelle (83)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
I'm totally against it. Dogs have been helpful to humans. They have evolved from wild animals to being man's best friend. They should not be killed and served as food.
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
I am totally against that..
@jerikjames (1041)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
I'm really not in favor of dogs as food. I've been offered to eat foods made of dog meat a lot of times but I always decline because I could just imagine the look of the dog when it was killed. I love dogs, and I just can't stand the thought that I would eat their meat. Ugh. I don't understand how the people who kill dogs can stand what they do. Yeah, dogs might be domesticated animals, but they're not for livestock and poultry. I think animal welfare societies and concerned citizens should help together to monitor these activities.
@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
i know a lot of guys who loves dog meat... i love dogs and whenever i see them killing one, i can't stop myself from thinking of doing the skinning thing to them. i sometimes tell them that i'd buy some pork or canned foods for their drinking session so they'd just let go of the dog... there should be a Law against this here in the Philippines. tsk!
@picjim (3003)
• India
4 Aug 10
I'm in favour of keeping dogs as pets.I can't fathom killing dogs and eating their meat.Any dog lover will tell you they are the most affectionate and loving of all pets we keep.I can't comprehend what sort of person would kill and eat a man's best friend.