I decide to creat a influencial blog,I want to make more friends

@hwj308 (64)
August 4, 2010 6:02am CST
Having earning online for almost 2 years, I have learned some techniques well about how to earn more , But day after day, Yes ,I have received numerous times of payments,but the goal of earning online has changed, I have not been curious to know wether I can receive the payment any longer, No doubt, I have received too many times of payments,but so far, I just want to focus on the real income of earning online, receiving serveral cents or dollars have not been so attracting , Now I have to try my best to improve the figures of income. So, at first, don't think of the figures of the payment,I think you need to evaluate your action about earning online,Ofcourse, clickcing some ads or signing up some free offers is very easy,but Can't you think this action is worth receving many dollars?Maybe the payment can be reached serveral dollars, but if you want to receive tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars, it is not realistic! You need to do something more valuable,I think ,Everyone can do much more things about earning online,so don't be so addictted into clicking ads like a machine, if we want to do something mechanic things, I think it can't be better than software ! We need to consider about what we did online everyday . Thank you for adding me into your friend list, This is my msn account:desirelocation@aol.com We can discuss and learn how to earn much more money online! I also created a blog about earning online, then almost everyday, I will upload any true payment proof to show my friends the latest information about earning online! Hope we can help each other!!!!
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