Sharon Bucks tasks are back again, Aren't you glad?

August 4, 2010 10:13am CST
I am so glad that SharonBucks tasks are back again in abundance. I have been waiting for these tasks and thought these will not be coming out any time soon. I was worried that I would not be able to reach September payout. However, with the many tasks available today and hopefully in the next few days, I am pretty sure I will reach next months payout. How about you? are you glad there are many tasks by Sharonbucks available today?
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• United States
4 Aug 10
Yes, I'm glad. Usually I love her tasks, but when I noticed they were up, I was a bit disappointed. I usually do her 'one paragraph per keyword' tasks and these are the 500 word article tasks. I attempted one, but I couldn't find enough information on the topic, therefore, I couldn't write enough words, so I forfeited it. Apparently, I'm not the only one having trouble because there are still pages and pages of her tasks available and usually, they are gone within a day.
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
Actually I find this type of tasks easier compared with those one paragraph keyword thing. I find those keyword tasks very time consuming having to write as many as 22 paragraphs with a pay of only $2 or $3. But with this 500 word article, you need not exert so much effort and an article can easily reach 500 words. You just try to get the hang of this kind of task and you will be glad that this type came out rather than the keyword tasks. This tasks pay bigger with minimal time to spend writing an article. I love this kind of task. Just try to make an article. It would be easier than you think. I have done 8 articles today and I just feel good about it. Hope I will be able to write more tomorrow. And of course, I hope all will be accepted, that is the most important thing hahaha.