If today was your last day, how would spend it?

August 4, 2010 11:09am CST
Heard this familiar song "If today ws your last day"? "If today was my last day, and tomorrow was too late", Hmm makes me think hard. What would i do? how would i spent it? Well i will go home as soon as i can hopefully i would still arrive there alive. Hug my kid tell her how much i love her. Will say sorry for my shortcomings. Tell her to be good always. Notto forget that her mom is doing everything she can for her. I will tell the rest of the family that i love them and that theyw ould take care of my little girl. Call friends talk with them as if there's no tomorrow lol! I would b writing a nvel if i have to enumerate all those things to ay and done before i left. :D I today was your last day, how would you spend it?
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@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
i would go to all available Insurance company in my place and buy everything they're offering, put my Mom's and Bro's name on the beneficiary slot. eat my fave food, punch my number 1 most hated person in my list, burn money (just a bill), wreck a car, punch that person again, sing in a karaoke bar and make a complete fool of myself, tell my whole family that i love them and spend the whole night with my girl. ahhhh... what a way to go. :)
@dsrp82 (678)
• Brazil
4 Aug 10
I would be with people I love and eating too much!
@greygoo (798)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
i've been asked this question countless of times but i still can't figure out my answer. it's just difficult. i'm not even sure if i'd like to know one day that i'm 'scheduled' to die on the next. but just to give you an answer (it would be totally pointless if i don't answer your question right?), i'd probably spend my last day at home with my family. i just remembered the movie 'the bucket list'. have you heard of this? it's about two guys dying of cancer. they make a list of the things they want to do before they die, and do them one by one. in the end, they realize that they should be spending their last days with their family instead of roaming around the world. so they both go home; one to go back to his wife/family, and the other to reconcile with his daughter. it's a really nice movie. makes you think of what you want to do with your life while you have it.
@Simon1223 (902)
• China
4 Aug 10
If today were my last day, I would do a lot of things which I never thought of doing before. Firstly, I would spend my last day with my parents and tell them how I love them. I would buy them something which they like but never consider buying. Then I would share the secrets which I concealed in my heart with my close friends, which would make me feel quite comfortable. After doing that, I could quietly wait for the coming of the last moment.
• Romania
4 Aug 10
I will like to spend on sea...i like very much the sea...but i like to be my familiy there too.