WHO Will be the NEXT michael Jackson?

@rugene (57)
August 4, 2010 10:50pm CST
ACtually theres a lot of people in the world who are so talented like Michael JAckson. But For me No one can replace what did You do because it is You WHo made it and it is You can perfectly replace You self NOT the others. Maby IF there will be next MichaeL Jackson Im sure he/she will Give also its Unique personality and styles in performing like M.J did. I absolutely IDOLIZED you M.J.
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• Philippines
25 Sep 10
NO ONE will ever be the next Michael Jackson. No one can be like him. He's a legacy. I idolized him just as much you do. I have a copy of every album he had even when they were still Jackson 5 because my dad liked them too.. That's why for me, nobody can ever imitate his smoothness in dancing nor his greatness in voice. :)
• Philippines
23 Sep 10
i think theres a lot people in the world who are so talented like michael jackson..maybe there is one of people that will like michael... they will do things what michael do to the world...that he makes people believe him the way he make a songs..and have a concert in different places in the world.. i think he is the one that he make do anythings in here life....
• China
1 Sep 10
I badly agree with you.I think not only MJ but many other new singers or entertainers, imitation is only the first step for themselves, the real success comes from the real you many years later, so if they want to be the next super star like MJ, they can imitate first, that will bring them a lot of attention, but after that they must do great efforts. So I also think no one can replace Michael's position in this rock music world. There only exist the same excellent person like MJ, but just "like" not "is".
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
There'll be no such thing as the next Michael Jackson. There are lots of artist today that might be as good as him but will never get the same fame as Michael's. No artist today could create a great impact to the world as he did. Fans followed each and every detailed in his career as well as his personal life. He is one of a kind, no one will be next to him.
@nasi88 (34)
• Bulgaria
9 Sep 10
It can not be replaced, it is forever. Michael King of Pop is nothing can replace him