Humanity is the best way to make a peaceful Earth and Socity

@dmrobi (15)
United States
August 5, 2010 9:36am CST
I have found a great man who has help me with 5$. 5$ is not mater, subject is his humanity. Actually have some people in the world who are really great, and our earth still live for there great activities. So we are everybody need to follow them. if we try to help other people then our earth will be peaceful.
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@venture (12)
5 Aug 10
The Bible says, give and it shall be given to you. I believe in this scripture very much. It teaches us the best way to be good Samaritans to our fellow man. And this my friend is what we call Humanity in Africa. Treat others as you too would want to be treated. If all people were to behave like this same man who gave you the $5, the world was gonna be a perfect place for all of us. There was gonna be peace all over the world. The world needs people who are selflessness, people who live for others instead of themselves. This is Humanity!!!People caring for people. Wouldn't that be a great idea, my dear brother? I suggest that you and i should start preaching humanity on this very same forum starting here today. Our Society is full of hatred,unrests, murders, human trafficing and all these senselessness all around us. So what do you think we should do to change this? Let's reverse the situation and turn it around. It will start with one man, You and i'll be the second.
@thesids (22180)
• Bhubaneswar, India
5 Aug 10
Unfortunately, Peace is a distant dream on the planet as of now. Humanity is getting killed almost everywhere thanks to the madness of people to climb the ladder of success which in today's world is nothing but Money. Mere helping others is not gonna help dear. You have also to preach, practice and ensure that the millions who are suffering learn to have restraint, love, the brotherhood things that people have forgotten in today's world.