Will you accept small body defects as it is or will try to change it

August 5, 2010 10:38am CST
Hi friends, We may born with small defects in our body. Like clip mouth, big nose, improper teeth, some abnormal features. Will you accept all these as it is or will try to change it by doing surgery or something. I've improper teeth. its not affected my look that much. In my childhood i just ignored. But in late teen age, i felt i might have did surgery to change it. It make me to feel more about it when few tease me. And im wearing Spectacles for short sight. My friends used to tease me for that too. I want to do laser surgery for that. Trying to be normal like others is good or accept whatever we're by birth?
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• Thailand
5 Aug 10
Everybody has defects.Nobody's perfect. That the true.You can surgery this abnormal features in your body to make you more beautiful, but afterwards you will recognize that you may be have more and more weak points than before.The important thing is everybody love you because yourself, they don't hate you just because you have clip mouth or big nose.I've the defect too, that I'm so short, but my friends love me because who I'm and that make me happy.So just smile, live exactly you have to and you will realise everything in the different way
• India
5 Aug 10
Yeah. It'll sound good to accept nature. But its hurting lot. But i think if there is a chance to change it why should not to try?